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We've all had that sense of all consuming joy when finding the home of our dreams and what a feeling it is! Excitement, anticipation and nerves all rolled into a single moment and much of it unquantifiable.

There's a lot that goes into a decision to buy, from emotional, financial and intellectual reasons to a healthy dose of gut feeling Whilst practical considerations like size, price and fittings certainly play their part, they all take a back seat to the most influential factor of all, how a home feels, is it 'the one'?


With all this sunshine mixed with snow showers, the weather may be confusing but one thing is for sure, Spring is springing. One of the biggest effects of lockdown on the 2020 property market was a massive surge of interest among buyers for gardens and balconies, and not just from green-fingered enthusiasts. People who'd never given gardens a second thought were suddenly sold on the value of being outside at home and the demand went through the roof.

“Put it on the Internet and wait for the phone to ring”. That’s perhaps how many people see an estate agent’s life, and there’s undoubtedly some mystery around precisely what agents do beyond putting a property on the market and showing people around.

Great news! Someone wants to buy your home, and perhaps you've even received more than one offer. You've made the step from being available to being in demand, and now it's time to decide whether an offer is a good one and the right one for you. An offer is so much more than the price put forward. It can be tempting to simply go for the highest number, but it's extremely wise to look at the full picture of every offer you receive to ensure it has the best chance of going through, and in the timeframe that fits your plans. Offers come in all shapes and sizes, from all sorts of buyers, with all sorts of circumstances. For you to feel comfortable and confident in saying yes, it's up to your estate agent to clarify the finer details of every offer from the buyer's financial position, to any dependent sales or chains, to any other conditions or factors that could affect progress. So let's take a look at the things you need to know about any offer you receive, so you can decide with full confidence whether to take it, or leave it.

With a unique set of circumstances and incentives, there has never been an autumn like 2020 with so many opportunities and advantages for selling your home.From the pent-up demand unleashed after lockdown, to the LBTT (Land & Building Transaction Tax) Holiday announced in July, to the working-from-home phenomenon freeing up more people to view property in the week, it’s very unlikely that such a seasonal combination will ever exist again, which makes it an excellent time to put your plans for moving into action. So let's take a look at how you can make the most of an unusually auspicious autumn: one that could have you moving home before Christmas and achieving an excellent price in very special times.